7 Absolute Must-Haves for Back-to-School

As kids are going back to school, it’s important that they are stocked and ready to go.  There are so many obvious cute supplies and it’s hard to choose which products you want to buy. Are you ready for MIMO’s recommendations for the 7 absolute must-haves in school supplies?

  1. Start with a pencil case or pencil pouch! These help ensure all your small things are kept together in one place and things aren’t lost through the hectic day. It’s always nice to have something that you enjoy looking at and is easy to use as well! 
  2. Writing tools! Make sure you have a great pen and a great pencil that you love in colors that you love. If you prefer fine tip, opt for a gel pen as opposed to a ballpoint pen. Buy a mechanical pencil that you can use for years to come. You’ll want to get some B Lead (the darker kind) for better writing with that as well!
  3. We all make mistakes when we write. For pens, we recommend correction tape. And for pencils, we recommend a cute eraser to carry along with you. MIMO carries all these tiny mistake correctors in the “Correction & Deco Tape” and “Accessories & Fun Stuff” categories. Go take a peek at which one is your favorite!
  4. Keep yourself organized with a Planner. You’ll want to track your classes and assignments, your appointments, your friend time, and even write down your thoughts. It’s a great way to use this as a little diary that you can look back on in years to come. You can collect your planners as the years pass, and they’ll be a little nostalgic piece of your history.
  5. Post-it Notes are a huge part of our lives. It’s a friendly reminder of special events, things to do, upcoming appointments, and birthdays! You can even use these for tabbing your books and taking notes. Use them in planners, so make sure you pick up one that works for you!
  6. Stickers! Stickers! Stickers! Use stickers to light up your world. You can stick these on just about anything. Check out the ones that are made to live in your planner!
  7. Straight edge rulers are important in all grades. Through elementary school, kids love to make the straight lines and shapes.  Later when you hit geometry, you’ll need a small straight edge to illustrate your work.  Buy one for only $1.99 and use it for years to come!
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