MIMO Charms and Paper Clips

Have you noticed MIMO's new charms and paper clips that were recently added to our stock of amazing products? We've included these handmade beauties to our product list so that you can purchase personalized goodies for yourself and your loved ones. There's something special about purchasing a handmade item. It's personalized, and you know you're getting valuable time and effort in the product that you're purchasing. We love personalized products, and hope you are getting a kick out of these products as well!

These larger clips are perfect for planners, notebooks, and will keep your place in a book, a diary, or organizer. They are great for gift giving, and we have a nice selection of clips for every occasion. A heart for Valentine's Day, a bunny for Easter, a pumpkin for Thanksgiving, a ghost for Halloween, a wreath for Christmas, and even a present for your birthday during the year! Purchase one or the whole set.

These pretty little clips are constructed out of polymer clay, have been carefully baked and handled, and then glazed for the perfect shine. There are slight variations in design as they are hand made for each order. They are delicate and adorable and will make the perfect gift for the perfect person. Pick yours up today! Start shopping!


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