Charms, Clips & Small Accessories

Super cute charms and accessories to accessorize your phone, backpack, purses, bags, jewelry, and clothes. You'll love these little guys because they make your world just a little cuter.
View all backpack buddies ball of yarn ball of yarn charm banana banana bread banana charm banana keyring banana muffin banana muffin charm bear bear charm bear cupcake charm bear phone charm bird charm birdie charm birthday favor black cat bag bookmark bread charm bunny charm bunny ears bunny phone charm cactus cactus charm cactus cupcake candy charm caramel charm carrot carrot charm carrot cupcake cat cat charm cat in yarn charm cat succulent charm cell phone cell phone accessory cell phone charm charlie charlie brown charlie brown charm charm charm farm charm on strap charms cheese chicken choco chocochip charm chocolate chocolate charm chocolate chip chocolate chip charm chocolate cupcake charm chocolate doughnut christmas charm chubby cat clay bird clay charm clay charms clay clip clay clips clay cupcake clay dragon clay egg charm clay macaron clay macaroon clay paper clip clay paperclip clay pochacco clay pochacco charm clay star clay unicorn clips coffee charm cookie cookie accessory cookie charm crab charm crab clay charm crabby charm crabs cupcake cupcake charm cute charm cute charms cute clay charms cute panda pencil cute paper clip dino charm dinosaur dinosaur charm donut donut charm donut clay doughnut doughnut charm doughnut clay charm doughnut pendant dragon charm dust plug earth charm egg egg charm fat cat flower charm flower clips flower paper clips flowers charm fox fox charm grape charm green charms handmade charm happy mail happy mail charm happy mail cupcake heart charm heart cupcake heart paper clip heart roses charm help me charm helping charm ice cream ice cream charm ice cream cone charm kawaii kawaii bear kawaii bird kawaii bird charm kawaii bunny charm kawaii cactus kawaii carrot kawaii cat kawaii cat charm kawaii charm kawaii charms kawaii clip kawaii cupcake kawaii cupcake charm kawaii donut kawaii doughnut kawaii fox kawaii kitty kawaii kitty charm kawaii lamb charm kawaii leia charm kawaii lemon charm kawaii orange kawaii orange charm kawaii paper clip kawaii peas kawaii peas charm kawaii peas in a pod kawaii princess leia charm kawaii sheep charm kawaii shooting star kawaii star kawaii strawberry kawaii strawberry charm kawaii superman kawaii unicorn keychain keyring kitty kitty bunny kitty bunny hat kitty cap kitty cat kitty charm kitty succulent kitty succulent charm Kitty tea charm korilakkuma korilakkuma charm korilakkuma clay charm lamb lamb charm leia leia charm leia cupcake leia cupcake charm lemon charm love charm love paper clip macaron macaron charm macaron stack macaroon macaroon charm macaroon erasers mamegoma charms mamegoma seal marbled charm meh meow charm mint charm mochi charm muffin charm mustache mustache pen naked naked cupcake octopus charm orange charm other little necessities panda panda cupcake panda cupcake charm paper clip paper clips paperclip paperclips pastel unicorn paws charm pea charms peanuts charm pearl pearl charm pearl cupcake peas peas charm peas in a pod peas in a pod charm peppermint charm phone accessories phone accessory phone charm phone plug pink charm pink cupcake charm pink macaron planet charm planner planner accessory planner charm planner clip planner paper clip plushies pochacco pochacco charm pochacco chibi pod charm polymer charms polymer clay charm polymer clay charms polymer clay clip polymer clay paper clip pot charm pot full of hearts pot of flowers princess charm princess leia princess leia charm princess leia cupcake charm purple charm rabbit charm raspberry cupcake charm rilakkuma rilakkuma charm rilakkuma clay charm robed robed cat robed kitty sea charm seal charms sealife charm sentimental circus set of paperclips sheep sheep charm shooting star shooting star charm snoopy charm sprinkle squished pea charm squished peas in a pod charm star star charm star clips star paper clip star wars star wars charm strawberry strawberry bunny strawberry charm strawberry charm clip strawberry clip strawberry cupcake strawberry cupcake charm strawberry eraser striped succulent succulent charm superhero superhero charm superman superman charm tea tea charm teacup totoro totoro 3D Stickers totoro bag totoro charm totoro cowboy totoro cupcake charm totoro medallion totoro necklace totoro pendant totoro wild wild west unicorn unicorn charm unicorn charms unicorn cupcake unicorn favor unicorn figurine vanilla ice cream charm yarn charm yoda yoda charm you're kitten me zipper charm