Pencil Cases & Pouches

From adorable to elegant, these pencil cases and pouches fit just about any person's need.  You'll have the perfect pencil case for school or work.  
It's easy!
1.) Purchase your favorite pencil case or pencil pouch
2.) Fill it with your favorite pens, markers, and accessories
3.) Keep it for yourself or gift it to that someone special!
View all 2 layer 2 layer case 36 hole case artist case artist pencil case artist storage batman pencil case big pencil case black cat bag blue pencil case blue pencil pouch boys pencil case captain america pencil case cat cat pencil bag cat pencil case cat pencil pouch cat pouch chocolate chocolate pencil pouch color pencil case colored pencil case colored pencils compartment pencil case cookie cosmetic bags cracker cracker pencil pouch cupcake cute pencil case cute pencil pouch cute stationery organzier erasers floral floral pencil pouch flower pencil pouch food pencil bag food pencil case food pencil pouch green pencil case gurashi heart pencil case ipad holder ipad pouch kawaii cat kawaii kitty kawaii pencil bag kawaii pencil case kawaii pencil pouch kitty case kitty pencil case kitty pouch korilakkuma korilakkuma pouch kutusita nyanko large pencil case macaron macaron pencil pouch macaroon magic pencil case milk milk pencil case milk pencil pouch milk pouch mimo mimo pencil case shop neko neko dango organizer other little necessities owl owl pencil bag owl pencil case owl pencil pouch panda panda pencil case panda pencil pouch passport holder passport wallet pawsome pencil bag pencil case pencil case sharpener pencil case with slots pencil cases & pouches pencil holder pencil pouch pencil sharpeners pencil storage pencils & mechanical pencils pink pencil case pink pencil pouch planner holder planner partner planner wallet plush plush cat puin red pencil case rilakkuma rilakkuma pencil pouch rilakkuma pouch roll up pouch rulers san-x stationery organizer stationery wallet stickers sticky stuff storage case striped pencil case striped pencil pouch sumikko sumikko gurashi sumikko gurashi pencil pouch sumikko pouch sumiko summiko summiko gurashi super hero super hero pencil case super hero pencil pouch superman pencil case tin pencil case totoro totoro bag totoro case totoro pencil case totoro pencil pouch totoro pouch transformers pencil case tube tube case tube pencil case vintage pencil case vintage pencil pouch winner organizer zipper pencil case