Cute Sparkly Metallic 3-D Puffy Stickers

MIMO Pencil Case Shop

$ 2.99 

These 3-D Puffy Stickers stand out from the rest! Each sheet of stickers has a metallic gold wow-factor to it that jumps out at you. It creates a sparkle that lights up the page. Use this on planners, diaries, letters, notebooks, or notes. Each sheet is individually designed with various characters you'll love. Get one or the entire set.

Variations Include:
The a la mode: Yellow top with dessert and tea stickers
Elegant Princess: Pink background with princess stickers
Dream Girl: Black and white stickers with a whimsical Alice in Wonderland flair
Cute Animals: all of your favorite colorful safari animals
Sweetheart girl: Cute bears, donuts and fruits
Alice & Cute Animal: pink background featuring Alice in Wonderland and her animal friends