Dots & Stripes Deco Correction Tape

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$ 5.99 

Our NEW Dots & Stripes Deco Correction Tape is here! We have a specialized assortment of deco tape in an applicator that can be used like a retractable pen (just press down the top like a ball point pen to start using). These little guys come in a variety of designs and are limited, so come get yours now! Use this in your planner, as a notebook divider, or in your diary to separate one day from the next. We love our deco tape applicators (so easy and fast to use) and they work perfectly as part of your organizing and planner tools. 6mmx4M.

What we love about this? It's retro, it's pretty, and it's dots and stripes, so it's pretty much universal and can be used on anything! Pretty up your planners, or make a simple little note into a "special" note with a simple pretty design at the top or bottom of your paper.