Macaroon Charms

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$ 7.99 

Stacked purple hue polymer clay macaron/ macaroon charms on sale now!

These clay charms were carefully molded, baked, and glazed for shine and protection.
Each stack of macaroons features either 2 or 3 macaroons stacked. 2 stacked charms measure approximately 0.5" wide and 0.75" tall. 3 stacked charms will measure 0.5" wide by 1.0" tall.

Currently available: 2 stacked charms come in lavender & purple stack combo and purple & gray stack combo. 3 stacked charm comes in lavender, purple, & gray stack combo.

Please note that these charms should be handled with care. They will come with featured clasp in picture to hang from your purse, bag, backpack, lanyard or anywhere else you can think of.. These make the cutest gifts!