Set of 10 Fine Line Marker Pens

MIMO Pencil Case Shop

$ 14.99 

This set of 10 Fine Line Marker Pens are simply beautiful and write smoothly. This pen set has a spectrum of colors that will satisfy anyone's color palette. You receive all 10 colors as a set: Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal, Green, Brown and Black.
These can be used for drawing and coloring, and can also be used for journaling, writing, and planning. The is an extra fine tip pen with a 0.38mm point. Perfect for planners, organizers, and writing in those small spaces.

What we love about this pen: it's almost like a sharpie, but even better because it beats out the ultra-fine tip that sharpie comes in... this is even finer. There are no hiccups when writing (i.e. your ink doesn't run out mid word or mid sentence!)