Sibling Peas in a Pod Charm

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These peas are on fire! (not so much that they are roasted or anything like that...) Our best seller by far, come pick up the peas that represent you and your family. 

Sibling Peas in a Pod:

  • Only child pea features one pea (please note this is actually a smiling pea - it's upside down in the pic!!! LOL)
  • 2 siblings pea pod, 3 siblings pea pod, and 4 sibling pea pod are vertical.
  • 5 sibling, 6 sibling, 7 sibling, and 8 sibling are available as well as shown in picture.
  • Twin horizontal siblings
  • Triplet horizontal siblings
  • Real Siblinghood Pea Pod also available to represent how some of us really are..
  • There is also an 'add halo' option to one of the peas. If you'd like to represent someone's passing, please additionally add this to your cart with one of the other selections.. Please notate in the notes section at checkout which pea should have the halo (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

These charms measure from 0.5" to 2.0" in length depending on the number of peas.

For custom peas (more than 8 siblings or something special), please contact us directly :).

Want varied colors for your peas? (i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys - please notate in notes section at checkout 1. the color you desire for your peas, and 2. the order (male, female, female, male, etc.)

Perfect little addition to your bag, backpacks, purses, or just to hang from somewhere that will make you smile. Each charm comes with a lobster clasp.  

Please note that this is handmade charm which was carefully sculpted, baked, and glazed for protection.  It is made from polymer clay and although sturdy, should be handled with care :).