Totoro Mega Book: Sticky Note Pad

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$ 6.99 

This super cute Totoro Mega Book: Sticky Note Pad/ Post-it Pad comes in 2 styles, beige and green. Each book has 3 different sizes of sticky notes as well as a character sticky note option. The larger size sticky notes are 3"x2", the medium sticky notes are 1.5"x2", and the small tab sticky notes are 0.5"x2".

This book of sticky notes contains 3 sections of larger sticky notes (20 sheets each) = 60 total, 2 sections of medium sticky notes (20 sheets each) = 40 total, and 5 sections of smaller sticky notes (20 sheets each) =100 sheets. In addition, there are 2 character face sections (20 sheets each) = 40 total. Combined, this mega book contains 240 sticky notes.

These are perfect for scrapbooking, planners, notes in lunches, computer screen stickies, notebook reminders, book tabs, or diary embellishments. This sticky note pad will fold up nicely into a contact book that you can take everywhere you go.