Large White and Gold Speckled Doughnut Charm

MIMO Pencil Case Shop

$ 6.99 

This is a large white and gold speckled glazed doughnut. This measures 1.0" in length and has some weight to it. These charms are larger than your normal charms, so they definitely will be noticed! Charms are handmade with polymer clay and carefully constructed with love and care.

Please note that an eye pin and clasp with strap is included with your purchase for easy attachment. These may also be removed should you like to turn this piece into an accessory or piece of jewelry. The charm is made out of polymer clay, detailed and glazed for protection and shine. 

Due to the handmade nature of this item, it should be treated with care and handled gently. There also may be slight variations since, although very similar, no two pieces are exactly the same.